Warning signs of child development delays

By | August 26, 2021

Child undergoes different development stages. He is supposed to reach these milestones in certain age. These milestones are sitting, rolling, walking, speaking etc. Although all children develop at different rates, they are expected to reach these development milestones within a certain age range. Child development delays may occur during growth of some children. Parents should know about these child development problems and delays. Following are some signs of child development delays.


Behavioral Warning Signs:

There are several behavioral signs that signal your child might have delayed development. Watch your child for the incapability to make eye contact, or to signal that they want your attention in a way other than crying. Odd behaviors, such as rocking and staring blankly, are the red flag as well.

Aggressive and violent behaviors, unusual stubbornness, and frequent crabbiness may also be warning signs for your child development delay. Speak with your pediatrician if you think that your child is not behaving like a typical child of his age.


Language Warning Signs:

Children who do not communicate either verbally or with gestures in an age suitable manner may be developmentally delayed in language. Between 4-6 months, children should begin to babble and laugh. By 8-10 months, they should be able to use sounds to get your attention and recognize their own name.

At about a year, babies should be able to wave or make other gestures and make consonant sounds. If your child is failing to meet any of these communication milestones, or fails to say at least one word by 15 months, you should consult a language pathologist or your pediatrician.


Physical Warning Signs:

Signs of child physical development delays can include unusually floppy or stiff body and limbs, severe ineptness, or the inability to perform physical actions that other children of same age have mastered, such as rolling, walking and later skipping and hopping.

You may also want to watch your child for physical delays if he only uses one side of his body. Child should walk by the age of 18 months. There may be a concern of a physical developmental delay if your older child falls frequently or dribbles a lot.

All these are signs of child development delays, there may be many reason for any of these delayed developments. Watch your child development carefully during early years of his life so you can identify any abnormality in development and consult your Pediatrician on time.

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